How to gain exposure for your listing?

5 Tips To List Your Property

Renting out rooms or a property is a good way to earn extra money. Aside from getting your property ready for tenancy, the next important step is to list or advertise it on a website like Your listing allows potential guests and tenants to look it up and find more information or secure a booking.

Every second count when renting out a property, as long as it stays vacant, the cost starts building up. How to rent it out quickly? Why am I not getting any inquiry? How many people are viewing my property listing? Just a few burning questions awaiting to be answered.

Here are tips to gain better exposure.

1. How to get to top page and gain best exposure to your listing.

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Foreign student’s hostel experience in Malaysia

Story of a Zimbabwe student’shostel living experience in Malaysia.

Moving to Malaysia from Zimbabwe was a daunting experience. I travelled alone for the first time in my life, and had to move my entire life by myself. I was terrified, to say the least. Due to a lack of knowledge about any facilities in Malaysia, I was encouraged to stay at the university accommodation. At the time of applying, I did not know that I was signing up for an overpriced, small living space that is filled with several rules and regulations, and completely lacks privacy. I have a single room with electricity and water, a shared kitchen and shared bathroom, for RM950. There is a fitted air conditioner in every room, however to use it, you must pay RM50 for a prepaid card that you can top up once it is finished, RM50 lasts about a month.

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Student Hostel in Malaysia – Survey and real life experience

Most of us will go through the stage of being a student entering a university or college at some point in their life. Many will have the option to stay with their family while pursuing their studies. While plenty of  foreign students, out of town and those who choose to stay closer to their educational institution will have to look for an accommodation. The first option that crosses mind would be a student hostel. When we do a quick google search, all we see is universities, colleges or operators promoting rooms. Continue reading Student Hostel in Malaysia – Survey and real life experience

Moving to Malaysia? Here are 3 key factors you shouldn’t overlook

Are you a traveller, passing through Malaysia, looking for a home to rent and set up base for a little while? Maybe you’re a student looking to broaden your horizons. Perhaps you’re pursuing an exciting job offer.

Whichever situation you might find yourself in, a few things should be considered before entering Malaysia. More issues may have to be paid attention to if you plan to move to the country.

Here are three aspects that you might overlook but may have to be thought of in advance in order to try and make your time in Malaysia as painless as possible.

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Student Accommodation Reimagined – MyHostel Penang

Anyone looking to further their study or taking a short course in Asia, one of the best option would be in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the first location that crosses everyone’s mind, as the capital city of Malaysia. However, Penang is often being overlooked by many.

Reasons to Study in Penang the Pearl of The Orient.

1. Diversity

Malaysia is known for its diverse culture and ethnicity, coupled with numerous languages background. George Town, Penang is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008, one of only two Historic Cities of The Straits of Malacca beside Melaka. It is Malaysia’s second largest city and amongst the nation’s most populated city. Continue reading Student Accommodation Reimagined – MyHostel Penang

Renting a room : Step by Step guide under 60 second

How long would you take to search for a room or apartment to rent? Days or maybe weeks?

Are you a foreigner looking for a place to stay when you travel to Malaysia?

Maybe a student looking for a place to stay near your university.

Or you are a fresh graduate, intern, moving to a new place closer to your office.

Get to know how to search for a room under 60 second with . Watch the video, all it takes is a minute of your time. room rental online site is the best place to start your search for a place to stay in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Searching for Student Accommodation in Asia

If you’ve just finished school, chances are that you’re considering a tertiary education. Starting a new college or university life isn’t as easy as one might think. After all, many are leaving home for the first time to further their studies. What are the challenges ahead? Just to name a few, the anxiety of leaving one’s comfort zone, the doubtful thoughts of having to choose the next big step, where to study and where to stay? Here, we are trying to address one of the question, searching for a student accommodation in Asia.

Whether you’re a new student or a senior one, you’ll have to live on or near campus. This is true for a majority of students, except for those that choose to study nearby and continue living with their parents.

If you’re leaving the nest, it’s important that you consider where to live and who you’re staying with. The easiest way to do this is to start room-hunting online.

Wherever you choose to study in Southeast Asia, there are plenty of websites ready to help you, either short term, mid term or of long term room rental. Here are some recommended websites.

1. : Malaysia and Singapore

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Beautiful Condo to Rent around KL Eco City

KL Eco City is a mixed development located just next to Mid Valley. It promises to be one of KL’s hottest locations, especially for companies and corporations. Continue reading Beautiful Condo to Rent around KL Eco City

An Expat’s Guide to the Cost Of Living in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a city that welcomes expatriates from all over the world. It’s an eclectic city that’s a melting pot of different Asian cultures, as well as the old and new. KL is a warm city, and not just because of its climate. The people are friendly, and very accepting of those from other countries. This is because KL itself is home to Malaysians from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Continue reading An Expat’s Guide to the Cost Of Living in Kuala Lumpur

The Ugly Sight Of Banners

Recently, The Star reported that Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has acted by taken down 450 illegal banners hung all over the island. These banners are promoting property rental, property sales and even money lending. It is a madness and doesn’t happen in Penang only, it happens in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and everywhere, you name it, it is all over Malaysia. We are in the 21st century and we think that these traditional method of attracting people’s attention is outdated and not effective. Continue reading The Ugly Sight Of Banners