5 Reasons To Hire A Property Management Company

October 8, 2021
Property Management

Just purchased a property for investment purposes? Or your current rental property is not doing so well? Maybe it’s time to look into hiring a professional property manager. With years of experience and a vast network of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors hiring one will surely add great value to your rental property investments! 

“We understand that managing your own property can be a full-time job.”

Space Creator is the official property management partner of Roomz Asia. We offer our expertise and personalized techniques to manage your property

Our ALL-IN-ONE Service model will ensure that you won’t have to worry about a single thing. All you have to do is sit back and collect your monthly rental income!

We will help you to handle the following tasks:

  • Cosmetic improvements in order to maximise your revenue on your rental units
  • Determining optimal rental rate as well as negotiations
  • Effective marketing for your property
  • Tenant screening
  • Unit/Room showing
  • Collection of security deposits as well as legal paperwork
  • Bi-weekly cleaning services
  • Supervision of move-in move-out
  • Payment of your electricity and water bills
  • Routine check ups on your property
  • Schedule maintenance required
  • Monthly rental collection

Besides that, working with Space Creator will allow you to gain access to a network of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors. These contractors are trustworthy and have been vetted for quality work and good pricing. This can save you a lot of money compared to hiring someone you found online.

Let us help you maximize your rental revenue.

On top of managing your property, we will provide effective strategies for your property to maximize your rental return. By identifying issues that may hinder your occupancy rates as well as property value.

A few key features you may adopt to maximise your investments:

  1. Partition Rooms
    1. Partitioning of rooms will allow you to maximize your floor space as well as increase your monthly rental profit by renting out rooms instead of a whole unit.
  2. Interior Design
    1. First impressions count. Tenants are increasingly willing to pay extra for a property that feels high-quality, spacious and functional. Hence, lighting and furnishing are crucial in providing the best environment to increase closing rates. 
  3. Basic Housing Appliances
    1. In-unit washer, air conditioner, fridge and water filters covers most of the basic housing appliances which are particularly attractive to prospective tenants. The more a place feels like home, the longer an excellent tenant is likely to stay.

For a property investor, time is money, and your time would be better spent doing other things than micromanaging a property. If you focus on asset management, then you are working on growing your business, if you manage the properties yourself, then you work in it. Not to mention that you will also have more time to spend with your family and friends.

Now all you have to do is sit back and receive your monthly rental income!

Place your property in good hands today with Space Creator. Find out more at www.spacecreator.my