How to Promote Your Apartment via Social Media Networks

March 7, 2021
Social Media Rental Promotion

How to Promote Your Apartment via Social Media Networks

Looking to rent your apartment? Are newspaper ads just not cutting it anymore? Well, then you are in luck! We will go over a few tips on how to make sure your apartment is promoted on multiple social media networks.

It is a common saying among marketers: “if it’s not online, it doesn’t exist”. The truth isn’t that far off since nearly 90% of people from 18 to 29 are using at least one social media network, and not just the young people, but 72% of U.S. adults as well. To have access to a huge pool of potential guests, you don’t even have to pay. Putting in some time and effort might do a splendid job.

Get Some Good Photos

Photos that you put on social media posts will the first thing that draws attention. That is true not just for Instagram that is photo-oriented, but for Facebook and Twitter as well. Having a professional-looking set of photos can reel in potential guests as they can imagine themselves being there for a period of time. We all know that a homely feeling induced by a photo of the cozy living room.

Don’t limit yourself to just one type of photo. Include staged photos of the apartment, nearby parks, shopping centers, museums and theaters, bars, and clubs. Including nearby hot spots adds additional value as it shows that the time visiting can be spent on fun tours and sightseeing, not just staying in the apartment.

Do a Tour Video

Sometimes photos just can’t capture the magic you’re offering! Shooting a short tour video can be a great addition to your photos and posts on social media. Tour videos help your prospects get the feel of being in the apartment without having to physically visit it first. Not only does it add to your creative aspect, but it helps with more clicks in general than photos, even 2 times as much.

Driving traffic to either your page, profile or web address helps you spread the word be it paid or free traffic. Videos don’t just increase visits, but it is shown to further increase intent on converting by 20-30%. This is especially important in the travel and holiday industry, where videos can quickly and effectively help you stand out from the crowd of listings.

Display Events Happening Around Town

Create tailored content to let your residents know of events that are happening. Presenting the community as vibrant, full of fun events, helps not only to promote the apartment but the community too. Informing residents of local places they can visit is a two-way street for success: as the area becomes more successful, so do you. Sharing your favorite local place to grab a snack, for example, gives that needed personal touch to the posting! For example:

The burger at #madgrill is just delishhhh🍔🍟

Post Testimonials

Now that we have high-quality photos, engaging tour video, visitor traffic increase, what’s left are testimonials. Many people underestimate word of mouth, but 92% of consumers believe friends’ recommendations over any other advertising forms. As an apartment owner and renter, you should never underestimate the power of testimonials.

With stats like these, it’s evident that we should take advantage of free advertising such as former resident testimonials. Having positive feedback written by real people will remove some fears and doubts of potential prospects. With different positive stories, new renters can see that there are more upsides than just a nice apartment with a cool neighborhood, it also includes a positive community.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

This one seems simple and straightforward, but many owners neglect the power of connecting with potential prospects. Having a series of questions answered shows your engagement and brings you closer to the customer. It also gives the opportunity on a weekly basis to highlight any renovations you did or some minor upgrades that shows commitment to improving everyday living standards in your apartment.

Answering questions that are frequently asked is fundamental in decreasing the clutter of flaky requests and having to answer everyone individually. With more free time and higher quality inquiries, we can focus more on creating positive branding.

Use a Call-to-Action

One of the more powerful ways to get your prospect to do what you want them to do is by using CTA or call-to-action. Possibilities are near endless as you can direct clicks to visit your website, check availability, e-mail you, or call you instead. You guide the further conversation where you would like. Attributing CTA’s to your posts helps you improve response to your advertising. Having a clear-cut objective tells your potential prospects what the next step in renting is.

Marketing experts, writers, and editors can help you come up with the best call-to-action if you don’t have experience in this field yet. You can use an academic writing and editing service to help you achieve the best booking results for your apartment. A great call-to-action will directly impact your booking rates.

Keep It Consistent

Don’t fall into the trap of posting amazing stuff daily for a few days and then stop. If you want to build a brand, make the apartment relevant by posting consistently! This point can’t be stressed enough, as keeping frequent updates, engaging photos and videos help to keep you above the static web pages that haven’t been updated in forever.

Not only does it tilt social media algorithms in your favor, but it also brings fertile ground for old and new followers to jump in to see what you are offering. Keep in mind that it’s not advised to just post anything that comes to your mind, but the content should be well-thought-out. In this case, quality comes over quantity.


As the majority of the population is frequenting various social media networks, it would be crazy not to use it to our advantage. With the increasing competition, it is vital to go that extra mile with presenting apartments, which includes high-quality professional photos of the apartment, its surroundings and the community, cheerful tours of the place, and hidden gems in the neighborhood.

Frequent posting of different events that are happening nearby and answering frequent questions to help clear any doubts about renting are also crucial. This is further improved by showcasing the positive feedback of former residents.

People notice the effort and with the consistent quality, it shouldn’t be too hard to stand out among the basic crowd. Just don’t forget, a happy customer always comes back for more and then some.

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