How to Write a Winning Apartment Description to Attract Guests

December 10, 2020

How to Write a Winning Apartment Description to Attract Guests

When it comes to renting out apartments, presentation can be the key. This is especially true when you’re advertising an apartment for rent online. This means you don’t have the chance to talk to potential tenants live and leave a good impression using your verbal skills and personality. In these cases, all you have as a tool for attracting them is the apartment description.

This means that you have to write a winning apartment description in order to attract guests. And, if you want to learn how to do it, just keep reading. Below, you’ll find a step by step guide on how to write a killer apartment description.

Let’s break it down.

1.     Go Big With the Title

When a person is browsing through hundreds of apartment descriptions, they’re not going to open and ready every single one. They’ll just take a closer look at the ones that manage to get their attention.

This is why writing an attention-grabbing title for your apartment description can be crucial.

The title is supposed to:

– speak to a specific target group of potential tenants

– reveal more than just the room count

– give a hint of the apartment’s vibe, purpose, interior, or location

So, you should try and write a title that will intrigue those reading and inspire them to do some more digging.

Let’s compare:

2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in Geylang


Cozy 2 bedroom apartment for a small family in Geylang

The second title says a bit more about the nature of the apartment and will certainly attract more attention than the generic first tile.

Be creative and write a non-standard but informative title.

2.     Technical Details

Once you nail your title, you know you’ll have people opening your ad and checking out what the apartment is like. Still, potential tenants don’t have the time to read your description top to bottom.

First, they’ll scan it.

They’ll go straight for the technical details to see if they’re even going to consider it further.

This is why your add should open with information such as:

– square footage

– number and classification of the rooms

– type of renting agreement (e.g., short-term, long-term, monthly…)

This is the basic information they’ll want to know immediately after opening the apartment description page. Make sure this information is top of the page, presented in bullet points so that they can easily find it and read it.

If they find this information to suit their search, they’ll continue to read.

3.     Apartment Description

Now it’s time to work some magic and get into more details about the apartment. Remember, this section of the description needs to be:

– informative

– valuable

– memorable

You’re not supposed to talk about the apartment as if it was the royal palace or as if you’re writing a poem. Keep things real but mention all the strongest reasons why the apartment is a great choice.

This section needs to cover:

– the number of bedrooms and bathrooms

– information about the light, colors, atmosphere

– the view

– dominating materials

– distance from the city center, the school, the mall, a supermarket, restaurants, etc.

– distance from public transportation stations

– type of potential tenant that would find it perfect

This description needs to give potential tenants all the reasons to rent the apartment. Here’s what we have in mind:

“A comfortable 1 bedroom apartment, with natural light and a stunning view over the city park. Perfect for a couple. It’s a two-minute walk to the bus station and a 4-minute walk to the train station. The apartment is fully furnished and newly renovated.”

Potential tenants need to hear about the apartment as if it was a story you’re telling them. This will help them imagine how they’d feel living in it, which is a majorly important factor.

4.     Apartment Amenities

The next thing you want to cover in your apartment description is the amenities this apartment offers. What is it that future tenants will find in the apartment and will be able to use?

Here’s what most tenants want to know about:

– air conditioning

– TV (type, size)

– refrigerator

– washing machine

– water heater

parking spot

– etc.

“Listing the amenities will be a great way to talk up the apartment and show potential tenants just how great of an offer you’re making. If you don’t include this list, they’ll just assume there aren’t any. And that’s not what you want,” says Mariah Pearson, a professional writer and editor who provides students with essay writing help online.

Create a solid list of amenities and try to include all of them in the picture of the apartment that you’ll provide within the ad. This way, potential tenants will know you’re not trying to trick them.

5.     Rental Details

After describing the apartment and including all the details, your potential tenant will want to know about the rental details.

Answer all their potential questions in the apartment description to avoid endless calls or people giving up due to lack of information.

Here’s what to include:

– rent cost per month

– security deposit

– what is included in the rent (electricity, Wi-Fi, water…)

This is what will help them form the final idea of your apartment offering and decide whether or not you go on their favorites list. It will also show them you’re transparent and trustworthy.

Rental details have to be a part of your apartment description, or else you’ll look suspicious.

6.     Contact Information

Finally, you need to leave potential tenants with clear instructions on how to contact you. The best strategy would be to leave only one type of contact information.

It could be:

– your phone number

– your email address

Also, ask potential tenants to only call you or only send SMS to make sure they’re contacting you in a manner you find to be the most suitable.

Make sure you leave a kind note containing phrases such as “feel free to call me” or “I kindly ask.” You want to show politeness and your friendly personality.

Final Thoughts

Writing a winning apartment description is an essential step in your strategy for attracting more guests. You want to give them all the reasons possible to contact you and come see the apartment live.

While it may sound like a challenging task, the steps provided above will help you do it easily. Use them to write the best apartment description that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Contributed by guest writer, Estelle Liotard.