Beautiful Condo to Rent around KL Eco City

KL Eco City is a mixed development located just next to Mid Valley. It promises to be one of KL’s hottest locations, especially for companies and corporations. Continue reading Beautiful Condo to Rent around KL Eco City

An Expat’s Guide to the Cost Of Living in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a city that welcomes expatriates from all over the world. It’s an eclectic city that’s a melting pot of different Asian cultures, as well as the old and new. KL is a warm city, and not just because of its climate. The people are friendly, and very accepting of those from other countries. This is because KL itself is home to Malaysians from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Continue reading An Expat’s Guide to the Cost Of Living in Kuala Lumpur

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5 Tips to Avoid Rental Scam in Malaysia

Recently, Roomz has received numerous reports from tenants becoming victim of rental scams. The number of cases is staggering, and we are saddened to hear every time a victim calls to announce the news. Scammers have become more and more daring, pretending to be agent, owner or related individual and they work in groups. Roomz has round up some tips and things to look out for when searching and negotiating for a room. We hope this guide is useful and could alleviate the number of victims. Continue reading 5 Tips to Avoid Rental Scam in Malaysia

How to find perfect tenants for your property?

It’s never easy, the thought of handing over your property for rent. There is a constant stream of worry; as a landlord you are stressed over the legitimacy of your tenants or the constant upkeep that you will need to do.

Roomz Handles It In The Smartest and Most Trusted Way

Roomz handles all those worries and more! Roomz will be the person in charge who will screen tenants before signing the tenancy agreement. When a potential tenant shows serious interest in renting a room under Roomz, we will take copies of their NRIC or passport. Not only that, Roomz will also seek verification by asking copies of the company offer letter, university or college offer letter for verification purposes.

To ensure that there are no illegal activities, Roomz will also make calls to companies and universities to check that all the information provided is correct. Should the information fail to correspond, the tenant will be immediately rejected by Roomz. Roomz also provides a cover, a protection of sorts, where landlords will be given the safety deposit should the tenant decides not to turn up on their check in dates.

Many a time, landlords face the same situation; they get a dozen calls regarding their property but at the promised date on which the tenants are supposed to make payments for deposits and such, they disappear and are never to be heard off again by the landlord. When this happens, the landlord has to go through the entire process all over again. With Roomz, the landlord does not need to go through the fuss, and they will be able to hold the safety deposit if the tenant does not turn up on check in date, or if their information does not match the tenancy agreement and more.

Roomz also retains the right to check up on the tenants to make sure that there are no illegal or immoral activities happening at the apartments. Should the community manager finds anything amiss, Roomz holds the right to terminate the tenancy agreement. To ensure that the tenant pays the rent on time, Roomz reserves the right to terminate the tenancy agreement if the tenant is late in making the payment for 3 months consecutively.


A Fully Managed Service For Landlords

There are so many steps Roomz takes to ensure that the tenant who is renting your apartment is the right tenant for you. From ensuring the cleanliness with reminders and weekly cleaning to ensuring payments are made on time, Roomz deals with all the day-to-day headaches that a landlord will have to deal with.

Ready to Move to KL?

There’s an amazing job opportunity waiting for you in Kuala Lumpur, but you don’t really have anywhere to stay. You have a few friends, but they’re all settled in their own apartments or homes with family and friends. Sounds familiar? Continue reading Ready to Move to KL?

How Roomz Differs Itself from Normal Landlords by its Modern Approach?  

Roomz: The Only Way To Rent, Hassle Free

Imagine being a tenant. You can’t afford renting the whole house, but you don’t have any friends who would rent with you. Not only that, searching for a suitable place is hard as landlords are always embellishing their properties and setting strict guidelines on who they prefer as renters. And let’s not forget all the scheduling, and rescheduling of meeting times. Signing of multiple agreements. The dreaded agent’s fees. The huge deposit. It’s a nightmare, really.

But there is a simple solution to all this: Roomz

Roomz offers quality rooms for rent with flat monthly rate. All our rooms come with standardized furnitures, utilities and services that provides our customers with peace of mind.

For those who are still studying and those who are about to embark on their professional journey, sharing a house, or renting a room is the most sensible and economically feasible thing to do. And who knows, you might even get to make lifelong friends this way. Roomz was created to eliminate the stress of bad roommates and dodgy rooms; instead you can look for your perfect roommate.

We believe that sharing a flat is not about finding another person to simply split the rent with. It’s also about living with the right person who you will enjoy their company. Thus, we do a strict profile check that includes tenant’s offer letter or student pass, all these are to make sure the one you live under a roof is pleasant one.

Genuine Photos

Not only that, Roomz is constantly updated with genuine photos of the property and updated listings like this  No more falling into the trap and wasting time viewing properties that are not up to standard. Each month the rent paid would already include utility bills, maid cleaning, quick repairs and concierge service. No more dealing with roommates who refuse to clean up after themselves and nagging the landlord to do the repairs. With a strict screening process, Roomz ensures the living environment is safe and secure for all. There are even CCTV placements at the entrance of the condo and the common areas to ensure the security and fair treatment of all the tenants.

Roomz Community Assistants

The Roomz Community Assistants will also be there to help you out in your times of need. They are there to help you coordinate when you move in. They will also be of assistance if the situation arises where there is a bad roommate. Heck, even if you lose your keys, the community assistants are there for you. How this works is all tenants living in the same condo unit will be placed in a WhatsApp group where The Community Assistant will be the group admin. And in this group issues and complaints will be discussed, verified and handled in a timely manner.

If you are a millennial ready to start your journey away from home, ready to call a space your own; Roomz is for you. Not only does it help you care for your property, it brings you closer to like minded people forging lasting friendships.

Things to Know about Renting A Room in Kuala Lumpur?

Looking for a room to rent can be an intimidating task, especially if it’s your first time going through the process. There are a lot of questions that can sometimes go unanswered. Where do you even begin to look? Which area is best? What price range should I be looking at? Continue reading Things to Know about Renting A Room in Kuala Lumpur?

Is Sharing an Apartment Right For You?

Maybe you’re looking for an apartment for rent to better suit the location of your new job or maybe you’re just looking for a change of environment. Whatever the case may be, renting a space of your own can be a bit of a pricey endeavor. The next best thing would probably be to find a housemate that can help bear the costs that come with renting a good apartment unit in a prime spot. Continue reading Is Sharing an Apartment Right For You?

Cheap Ways to Personalize your Roomz Bilik

You’re ready to take on the world with your own, shiny Roomz room. You’re strategically placed in a prime area with great access to transportation. You’ve got a weekly cleaning service to take care of your space, high-speed internet connection and a growing community of Roomz friends that are always there to lend you a helping hand. Now, you’re looking at your fully furnished abode and thinking of ways you can spice things up just a little.

Personalizing your home might not be as difficult as you may think. It can, in fact, be a fun learning curve that allows you to express your creativity through your living space. Done right, you won’t even need a fancy interior designer or costly contractor to add a little character to your slice of paradise on earth. Here are a few cheap, DIY and incredibly effective hacks for turning your room into your very own safe-haven.


Add Some Flavour

You can almost never go wrong playing with colors (almost), especially if you’re limited to a specific budget and resources for interior adjustments. Through the power of matching color combinations or dashes of bright tones, sections of your room can be made to look so impressive that you might just find yourself considering a career in interior design instead.

Try treating the walls and primary corners of your home with a neutral series of colors for that added minimalist or contemporary vibe after which you can also break the monotony with a splash of something bright. A soft brown, neutral scheme combined with a sudden bright-blue sofa or settee might be a good example of this.

Colors are an effective way to express your personality from the get-go. Use a crazy color scheme for a livelier approach or quieten the mood through consistency and tranquil tones. Your room is your canvas, enjoy the process.


Crank Up the Comfort

The level of comfort in your home can have a direct impact on projecting a friendly and warm personality. If this sounds like you, then it’s time for a spot check on the fluffiness of your pillows and the bounciness of your sofa. You’ll want your room to be the kind where friends come for a visit and end up dozing off in a blissful daze.

There’s no need to fill up your space with wall-to-wall carpeting. Add more soft furnishings like a duvet cover or a rug to inject that extra dose of harmonious balance. You can find a range of affordable fluffy add-ons online or at the closest furniture shop. Make sure to pay attention to the colors, textures and sizes of these items as well.


Go Green

A touch of nature is sometimes all you need to add a layer of detail to your room. Fauna, potted plants or large vases can all come in handy when you’re trying to go down the environmentally friendly route. There are dirt cheap yet intricately beautiful decorative plants available from various sources. Consider the shape and color of the vase or pot before making a purchase. From then on, it may just be a question of placement.

You could also DIY an attractive flower pot by decorating it with tape and acrylic paint. Pick bright and bold colors so they stand out against the backdrop of your walls. Another idea would be to make a pretty air plant terrarium which can be hung from a ceiling or a tall surface. Use a container which could be a glass globe, a mason jar or any other kind of glass container and combine it with some base materials including moss, gravel, glass pebbles and plants.


In the Details

Last but not least, it could be said that mother of all cheap and effective personalization lies in the detail that you decide to add to your room. One of the greatest things about having your own place is that you can generally go absolutely bonkers in terms of the creative and outstanding ideas you can introduce or try.

Geometric wall art ideas are plentiful and easily found online. You could attempt to make a memo board which can double up as a way to keep track of things you need to do while functioning as splendid decoration. You can use velcro mini fasteners, tie rolls, mini gold nails and a hammer to get this done.

You earn plus points for creative lighting. Have a go at creating a USB-powered lamp which can be crafted through an assortment of bottles and decorations like washi tape or acrylic paint as well as a USB LED touch lamp.

Make a macrame curtain using rope and a wooden rod which is a simple project once you get your head around how it works. Decide on the size and patterns to shape your knots into and watch your masterpiece unfold.

If all else fails, take a trip down to the closest market and see if you can purchase a bunch of cheap, matching pieces of artwork/decorations for your wall or accessorize your desk with handcrafted elements to compartmentalize items and stationaries. You don’t have to be as loaded as Warren Buffet or as talented as Picasso if you’re trying to impress your visitors. Most of the time, all you need is pure passion, creativity and a unique touch.


NOTE: Be sure to check with Roomz management before you make any permanent/big changes to your room/space.

Roomz has entered the sharing economy with a mission to bring renters the best value in the best environment. Along with unique themes and concepts for renters, Roomz also assists property owners that are looking to make full use of their spaces. Follow our blog and find out how Roomz is disrupting the property rental industry.