Top 5 Room for Rent Free Posting Websites in Singapore

January 30, 2020
Top 5 Room For Rent Websites in Singapore

Top 5 Room for Rent Free Posting Websites in Singapore

With the powerful combination of a smartphone and internet, looking for a room for rent or a condo for rent nowadays is quite a breeze. One-click is all you need to rent a room. You have a number of options to check and compare.

We are providing you the list of top 5 real estate platforms in Singapore, one of the top cities in Southeast Asia. Rent share is a common practice, especially when you are living in the world’s most expensive city, fifth year running by The Economist Intelligence Unit. makes the search for a room for rent accessible and convenient. It facilitates both tenants and landlords to find each other and make a good match.  There is no law in Singapore that prevents a landlord and a tenant from making a deal without any agent. The advantage of this practice is that both can save up on the agent fee that can go from 0.5 to 1 month’s fee. The one being charged by the site for the agent’s fee is the landlord only.  Thus, if you are a tenant and no agent is representing you – you need not pay an agent’s fee. As a landlord looking for a tenant, you do not need to pay for posting for a room or house for rent in this site. The site best feature is that it is open to search, to post and to contact since it does not hide the contact information from both sides.

Amtek Systems, a Delaware USA based holding company owns and operates this room for rent in Singapore website.  The room or condo owner needs to just sign-up and registers on the site.  You can post one ad for free but if you are an agent who needs to put up more ads, you can do so but you will be charged with a nominal fee. The same fee is also being charged to the broker or a company.  Pictures in Google Maps are what you will see in this site – very helpful for one who’s looking for a room or condo for rent.  As a room seeker, if you use the same search criteria a few times – you can save it so that you will be notified automatically as new ads come up and match your specifications. This site is different because it has a feature where you can compare visually up to 5 ads, as it is not always easy to remember all the ads we browse. A customer support team is always ready to assist you should you have concerns or questions. 


Roomz.Asia is the number 1 room and property rental platform in Asia with the slogan of “Roomz in Every City”. It has been successful in helping out students and young professionals to share a house or rent a room economically in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. This site is the perfect choice for helping find your perfect roommates. The company’s philosophy is that sharing a flat or condo is not just about finding someone to split the bill with.   You can share the joys of living together with the right person, and Roomz fulfills this objective.  The price and location are basic information, but on this platform, you get what you need and want, like the property type and the total number of rooms for some, this will be very useful  – the genders of the present tenants. The integrated WhatsApp chat feature that allows a tenant to fill in some basic information a landlord would always ask, like the move-in date is very helpful in the conversation.

If you want your property to enjoy more traffic and get a lot of inquiries in no time, look up this site.



It is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing property portals – a great way to find houses, condominiums, apartments and HDBs for sale and rent. As its name suggests, the site’s objective is to assist the 99% in making a wise decision in finding a home.

They have a large number of listings indicating the overview of the location, the places of interest and a summary including map views and street views. Their design and synthesis of data is a big plus to those who are looking for a condo or room for rent making the search journey faster, easier, trustworthy, and reliable.

If you’re having a hard time looking for the best roommate, then check out  They will do the legwork for you—find the perfect flatmate.  This is not an agency – all you need to do is register for free. Once done, room owners can post their ads. An ad is a term for the “wanted roommate” post. Of course, a detailed ad commands more responses from the most suitable roommate. A room seeker puts out his search profile to make a suitable connection to his match and eventually get in touch. Just like the ad, a complete search profile of a member hastens the speed of your match. Note that you cannot go to the member and check their contact information if you’re not registered. You can post your ad or profile just by going to their Homepage.