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How to find perfect tenants for your property?

It’s never easy, the thought of handing over your property for rent. There is a constant stream of worry; as a landlord you are stressed over the legitimacy of your tenants or the constant upkeep that you will need to do.

Roomz Handles It In The Smartest and Most Trusted Way

Roomz handles all those worries and more! Roomz will be the person in charge who will screen tenants before signing the tenancy agreement. When a potential tenant shows serious interest in renting a room under Roomz, we will take copies of their NRIC or passport. Not only that, Roomz will also seek verification by asking copies of the company offer letter, university or college offer letter for verification purposes.

To ensure that there are no illegal activities, Roomz will also make calls to companies and universities to check that all the information provided is correct. Should the information fail to correspond, the tenant will be immediately rejected by Roomz. Roomz also provides a cover, a protection of sorts, where landlords will be given the safety deposit should the tenant decides not to turn up on their check in dates.

Many a time, landlords face the same situation; they get a dozen calls regarding their property but at the promised date on which the tenants are supposed to make payments for deposits and such, they disappear and are never to be heard off again by the landlord. When this happens, the landlord has to go through the entire process all over again. With Roomz, the landlord does not need to go through the fuss, and they will be able to hold the safety deposit if the tenant does not turn up on check in date, or if their information does not match the tenancy agreement and more.

Roomz also retains the right to check up on the tenants to make sure that there are no illegal or immoral activities happening at the apartments. Should the community manager finds anything amiss, Roomz holds the right to terminate the tenancy agreement. To ensure that the tenant pays the rent on time, Roomz reserves the right to terminate the tenancy agreement if the tenant is late in making the payment for 3 months consecutively.


A Fully Managed Service For Landlords

There are so many steps Roomz takes to ensure that the tenant who is renting your apartment is the right tenant for you. From ensuring the cleanliness with reminders and weekly cleaning to ensuring payments are made on time, Roomz deals with all the day-to-day headaches that a landlord will have to deal with.