How to search for pet-friendly accommodation?

April 27, 2020
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How to search for pet-friendly accommodation?

Nowadays, it is not an uncommon sight to see people raise pets. Especially, there’s a lot of a number of animals that can be raised right now. From the small hamster, and to the huge Samoyed. Also, people love their pet to the point they consider them as a family and will bring them every time they move. The problem usually arises when they are moving or searching for the house because most of these houses do not allow pets. Most of the house owner does not want to accept renter with a pet as it might cause the problem. Do not worry, we are here to give you tips on how to search for an apartment that allows a pet.

Firstly, search using an online platform.

Searching for a pet-friendly rental using the online platform is much easier than asking around for available to rent. It is because online rental platform such as Roomz stated that in their description if the house allows pet or not. Also, there also features in the search filter where you can apply to see a list of houses that allow pet only. Also, you can use an online platform like Facebook and join the group for house hunting and at there you might find rental places that allow a pet.

Be responsible

Having a pet is might becoming a trend, but it comes with a huge responsibility. Raising a pet is harder than it looks. You need to train properly so they will behave. Untrained animals will go around disturbing people and also attacking others out of nowhere. So, please be responsible and train them and also having them spayed or neutered. You need to take others into consideration because your pet might bark loudly in the middle of the night and disturbing other people in the building.

Offer to pay a pet deposit

Offering house owner to pay for pet deposit will convince them to rent the house to you. It is because by making that gesture it really shows that you are a responsible person. It is also can act as compensation money if your pet ever causes any trouble in the future such as; damaging furniture or wall.

Pet’s resume

It might be a small matter but it is very useful to convince the owner and others that live in the same building that your pet is well-behaved and will not disturb others. List down all your pet’s good traits and add references. This is very important if your pet dog has a serious allergy towards a certain food or smell, it is better to be safe than sorry.