Student Hostel in Malaysia – Survey and real life experience

Most of us will go through the stage of being a student entering a university or college at some point in their life. Many will have the option to stay with their family while pursuing their studies. While plenty of  foreign students, out of town and those who choose to stay closer to their educational institution will have to look for an accommodation. The first option that crosses mind would be a student hostel. When we do a quick google search, all we see is universities, colleges or operators promoting rooms.

Here, in collaboration with Zom-in, KDU students and, we present an invaluable survey and a look into the real life experience by students living in students hostel.

Credits goes to the KDU students who spend a lot of time, sweat, running around etc. in conducting this study. Thank you Zom-in for making this happen.


First, let’s take a peek into the actual student dormitory environment, prepared by Anna, a foreign student and now friend of Roomz from China.

Roomz Asia, KDU Students Real Life Experience and Survey hosted by Zomin

Private student accommodation or private rented housing – which one to choose? Please leave a comment and share your view with us.

Student Accommodation Reimagined – MyHostel Penang

Anyone looking to further their study or taking a short course in Asia, one of the best option would be in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the first location that crosses everyone’s mind, as the capital city of Malaysia. However, Penang is often being overlooked by many.

Reasons to Study in Penang the Pearl of The Orient.

1. Diversity

Malaysia is known for its diverse culture and ethnicity, coupled with numerous languages background. George Town, Penang is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008, one of only two Historic Cities of The Straits of Malacca beside Melaka. It is Malaysia’s second largest city and amongst the nation’s most populated city.

2. Education epicenter

Penang is home to many notable universities and colleges. Bolstered one of the most comprehensive choices of programs from study tours, short term courses to PHD levels.

What to study?

English and Chinese Language courses, automotive and aircraft, accounting and finance, culinary art. Just about anything. Chinese Language courses in Penang are known to be the second largest and have the most potential.

Some of the notable universities and colleges in Penang

– Equator College
– KDU Penang University College
– The One Academy
– Wawasan Open University
– Despark College
– Tan Chong Technical Institute
– British Council Penang
– ELEC Language Center Penang
– Advance Tertiary College Penang (ATC)

3. Student’s life

Getting around is easy and affordable. There is an existing network of public transportation around the island. Free shuttle is easily available to most academy/ colleges and to beautiful places in George Town!
There is a bus stop which is literally a few steps away from MyHostel!

Besides, there is a link bike station (bicycle) right in front of the hostel, which allows you to cycle through the beautiful alleys of Penang! It only cost RM2.00 for the whole day! If you don’t mind paying a little bit more, GRAB and taxis are readily available at your door step.

Penang is one of the many food havens in Malaysia. Food are cheap and can be found easily. A simple Google search and you are bombarded by the thousands.

There are a few malls nearby, such as Gurney Paragon Mall and Komtar, where The Top Penang is located. They are all connected with bus routes, and most of them are actually free!

4. Accommodation

When you are a student looking for a place to stay. MyHostel Penang is your best choice. They are a student accommodation specialist in Penang. Aside from offering a place to stay just like any hostel or room rental, they went the extra mile in creating a community. They have group activities, workshops, real life learning experiences and many more.

Student Hostel full of life.

MyHostel Penang should be your only choice. Check out the video to see what life is like in the hostel.


Searching for Student Accommodation in Asia

If you’ve just finished school, chances are that you’re considering a tertiary education. Starting a new college or university life isn’t as easy as one might think. After all, many are leaving home for the first time to further their studies. What are the challenges ahead? Just to name a few, the anxiety of leaving one’s comfort zone, the doubtful thoughts of having to choose the next big step, where to study and where to stay? Here, we are trying to address one of the question, searching for a student accommodation in Asia.

Whether you’re a new student or a senior one, you’ll have to live on or near campus. This is true for a majority of students, except for those that choose to study nearby and continue living with their parents.

If you’re leaving the nest, it’s important that you consider where to live and who you’re staying with. The easiest way to do this is to start room-hunting online.

Wherever you choose to study in Southeast Asia, there are plenty of websites ready to help you, either short term, mid term or of long term room rental. Here are some recommended websites.

1. : Malaysia and Singapore

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