Student Hostel in Malaysia – Survey and real life experience

November 12, 2019

Most of us will go through the stage of being a student entering a university or college at some point in their life. Many will have the option to stay with their family while pursuing their studies. While plenty of  foreign students, out of town and those who choose to stay closer to their educational institution will have to look for an accommodation. The first option that crosses mind would be a student hostel. When we do a quick google search, all we see is universities, colleges or operators promoting rooms.

Here, in collaboration with Zom-in, KDU students and, we present an invaluable survey and a look into the real life experience by students living in students hostel.

Credits goes to the KDU students who spend a lot of time, sweat, running around etc. in conducting this study. Thank you Zom-in for making this happen.


First, let’s take a peek into the actual student dormitory environment, prepared by Anna, a foreign student and now friend of Roomz from China.

Roomz Asia, KDU Students Real Life Experience and Survey hosted by Zomin

Private student accommodation or private rented housing – which one to choose? Please leave a comment and share your view with us.