How Roomz Differs Itself from Normal Landlords by its Modern Approach?  

November 4, 2018
Roomz Asia

Roomz: The Only Way To Rent, Hassle Free

Imagine being a tenant. You can’t afford renting the whole house, but you don’t have any friends who would rent with you. Not only that, searching for a suitable place is hard as landlords are always embellishing their properties and setting strict guidelines on who they prefer as renters. And let’s not forget all the scheduling, and rescheduling of meeting times. Signing of multiple agreements. The dreaded agent’s fees. The huge deposit. It’s a nightmare, really.

But there is a simple solution to all this: Roomz

Roomz offers quality rooms for rent with flat monthly rate. All our rooms come with standardized furnitures, utilities and services that provides our customers with peace of mind.

For those who are still studying and those who are about to embark on their professional journey, sharing a house, or renting a room is the most sensible and economically feasible thing to do. And who knows, you might even get to make lifelong friends this way. Roomz was created to eliminate the stress of bad roommates and dodgy rooms; instead you can look for your perfect roommate.

We believe that sharing a flat is not about finding another person to simply split the rent with. It’s also about living with the right person who you will enjoy their company. Thus, we do a strict profile check that includes tenant’s offer letter or student pass, all these are to make sure the one you live under a roof is pleasant one.

Genuine Photos

Not only that, Roomz is constantly updated with genuine photos of the property and updated listings like this  No more falling into the trap and wasting time viewing properties that are not up to standard. Each month the rent paid would already include utility bills, maid cleaning, quick repairs and concierge service. No more dealing with roommates who refuse to clean up after themselves and nagging the landlord to do the repairs. With a strict screening process, Roomz ensures the living environment is safe and secure for all. There are even CCTV placements at the entrance of the condo and the common areas to ensure the security and fair treatment of all the tenants.

Roomz Community Assistants

The Roomz Community Assistants will also be there to help you out in your times of need. They are there to help you coordinate when you move in. They will also be of assistance if the situation arises where there is a bad roommate. Heck, even if you lose your keys, the community assistants are there for you. How this works is all tenants living in the same condo unit will be placed in a WhatsApp group where The Community Assistant will be the group admin. And in this group issues and complaints will be discussed, verified and handled in a timely manner.

If you are a millennial ready to start your journey away from home, ready to call a space your own; Roomz is for you. Not only does it help you care for your property, it brings you closer to like minded people forging lasting friendships.