Things to Know about Renting a Room in Kuala Lumpur?

September 15, 2018
Things to Know When Renting a Room in Kuala Lumpur

Looking for a room to rent can be an intimidating task, especially if it’s your first time going through the process. There are a lot of questions that can sometimes go unanswered. Where do you even begin to look? Which area is best? What price range should I be looking at?

It’s important to try getting help when the time comes and you’re ready to move.

A unique, holistic apartment/flat rental platform, Roomz strives to make your experience a safe and joyful one. We connect you to a whole host of rooms for rent throughout various areas in Malaysia & Singapore with a long list of features and utilities including free WIFI, a weekly maid service, free repairs and a community manager.

Roomz brings you one step closer to your dream of having your own place but you still have to make certain decisions on your own. Here are a few things you should know about renting a room.


Decide on a location

You’ll need to hone down on options for where exactly you would like to move and then start systematically striking each one off the list until you have just one spot left. Consider factors that revolve around your needs and wants. Will you be moving somewhere closer to a new job you just landed or are you looking for a thriving hotspot with plenty of cafes? Rooms are sometimes subject to the specific areas they are located in and your experience can be greatly affected if there is a lack of amenities around the location or if it is too unsuitable so choose wisely.

One of the best parts of the Roomz platform is that it offers various potential places throughout various prime areas in Malaysia like KL Sentral or Bukit Bintang. We can inform you of the rooms we have and can segregate them by the location that they are in. This can help you decide easily.


Watch out for shady characters

Not all strangers are bad but, not all of them are as friendly as you might think. Keep your eyes out for scammers during your search for a new home. Some people are wolves in the guise of sheep and there are criminals that prey on unsuspecting victims by offering places to stay before disappearing with your money, leaving you with nothing but an empty wallet and a fake rent deal.

As much as Roomz takes measures to safeguard its users from scammers, there may be a few bad eggs who manage to get past security measures. A couple of Roomz users have reported scammers, due to this the platform now has warning banners on all listing pages. We run strict tenant background checks and display Facebook profile pictures. All of these can discourage scammers. Still, you can do your part in making sure that these people don’t get what they want so easily. Try and find out as much as you can about your housemates in order to make sure that they are legit.


Lifestyle Compatibility

The co-living experience can be an amazing way to make new friends, cut down on costs and build a sense of community. With that being said, it’s worth mentioning that lifestyle compatibility between you and your roommates can greatly increase the chances of everyone getting along from the get-go. Living together means that people require patience, flexibility, and understanding but a vibe of synergy and harmony can really be achieved if everyone’s lifestyle preferences are similar.

If you’re hoping for a quiet place to work or study but your housemates are hosting loud parties every night, then an error in lifestyle compatibility has likely occurred so before you get cozy in your new room, try and make sure that you discuss the rules and regulations with your potential co-living peers. Guest policies, cleaning schedules, storage of food and personal items or work schedules and daily habits should all be thoroughly explained beforehand.


Amenities of the residence

Make sure you know everything that comes with the room that you’ve chosen. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises or to find out that something you thought would be included, ultimately was not. Be sure to ask about the amenities of the residence and if there are any added utilities for the room. Double-check to see if the internet access is up to par with your needs or if the telephone service is alright.


Roomz has entered Roomz 2.0 from a free room for rent listing platform which has been running since 2016, now into the flatshare economy with the mission of “Room Rental with Style” where every room comes with standardized renovation, and includes utilities and weekly cleaning. We named that Property by Roomz. Along with unique themes and concepts for renters, Roomz also assists property owners that are looking to make full use of their spaces. Follow our blog and find out how Roomz is disrupting the property rental industry.