Four Types of Tenants that Love Roomz

July 3, 2018
tenants love roomz

Rising costs of living, economic fluctuations and an increasing demand for convenience have all lead to the growth of renting as an option.

Whether you’re new in town, relocating for work or just moving out of your parents’ house, renting a place should not be seen as a bad idea. We live in a fast-paced world of hectic routines, dynamic lifestyles and a seemingly endless diversity of daily activities.

Rented apartments let people on the move enjoy the ability to share costs with housemates, access strategic locations, be in proximity to key transportation hubs and customize their homes according to their lifestyles.

Roomz is a room rental service for all of this and more. If you’re on the lookout for a room to rent, Roomz has a seamless online platform ( that connects you to an array of properties conveniently located in major city hot spots in Kuala Lumpur like KL Sentral, Bangsar South, Titiwangsa, Bukit Bintang and KLCC area.

Enjoy easy access to public transportation and a well-kept home in the heart of some of KL’s most prominent areas. It can be said that everybody has a type right?

Therefore, here are just some of the many types of people that have the potential to fall head over heels in love with what Roomz has to offer. Read on, you may just find yourself here…


Fresh Graduates

You’re finally done with those grueling assignment deadlines and humorless college lecturers. You’ve graduated with flying colors and you’re ready to get your career on. You’ve packed your bags and you’re ready to relocate. Now the only question on your mind is, where should I stay?

It doesn’t take an overachieving A-plus student to realize that Roomz can be just the thing for a fresh graduate about to make his/her way in the world.

Roomz understands that budgeting is a top priority, especially as you prepare to begin that brand-new chapter in your life. Sharing a room through one of the many available vacancies on the Roomz platform can be the cheapest and most effective way forward and apart from the convenience of online application and safety measures involved at every step of the process, users are able to choose from a long list of fully furnished rooms in prime areas. The best part? You’ll be welcomed into a thriving, supportive community of diverse and interesting individuals, including young, fresh graduates just like you!


Young Professionals

The world is your oyster. You’re riding high and ready to put your career into full gear, climbing the corporate ladder and working harder than anyone else at the office. You’ve got the ambition, you’ve got the passion, you’ve got the hunger, the only thing you haven’t got is a place of your own.

Roomz has you covered there. With an array of strategically located properties available so you can get to where you’re headed, quicker and easier as well as a multitude of features that make the burden on your young shoulders all that more bearable, enjoy full utilities for your fully furnished home, including a weekly cleaning service that helps ensure you stay focused on the important stuff as well as high-speed internet access.



Maybe you’ve just touched down after a long flight and have finally reached KL or maybe you’ve been in the country for a while now but just can’t seem to settle on a place to stay. As an expat, you might not really be sure what the future may bring. You’re either constantly on the move or you’re constantly prepared to pack your bags at a moment’s notice.

Either way, Roomz offers all the conveniences of a top-notch hotel in the middle of town and at a much lower rate. Kill two birds with one stone by choosing from a list of high-quality rooms for rent on the Roomz, easy to navigate online platform. At the same time, get to know even more locals and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures that can be found in Malaysia. Turn your stay into an adventure through a warm community of individuals that are Roomz users just like yourself.


Creative People

Aspiring artists, upcoming musicians, creative masterminds and undiscovered talents. You are all welcome aboard the Roomz community. Maybe you need to prepare for that gig you’ve been waiting for in the center of town or maybe you’ve just set your eyes on an interesting job prospect in a thriving artistic hotspot. Whatever it is, you want to be ready when opportunity comes knocking.

Roomz is committed to making sure that users of the platform have direct access to the most relevant areas in the most developed spots. You won’t have to worry about safety either as the security measures and background checks are designed to help ensure that you sleep soundly throughout the night.


Roomz has entered the sharing economy with a mission to bring renters the best value in the best environment. Along with unique themes and concepts for renters, Roomz also assists property owners that are looking to make full use of their spaces. Follow our blog and find out how Roomz is disrupting the property rental industry.