Five Great Reasons to Stay in KL Sentral

July 9, 2018
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You may or may not be familiar with the rather well-known but often misunderstood spot known as KL Sentral. If you haven’t yet noticed, then you may possibly still be of the opinion that the location is merely a network of commuting mediums and platforms. However, upon closer inspection, it’s evident that Kuala Lumpur’s integrated rail transportation area serves more than one direct purpose.

Today, Stesen Sentral is not just considered Malaysia’s largest transit hub. It has grown and spiraled into a colossal, multi-layered landmark that advocates connectivity as well as the seamless linkage of all urban, suburban, residential, commercial and industrial areas among many other things.

With its ever-growing population, the city’s ‘Sentral’ caters to KL and the specific needs of its tenants, residents, stakeholders and droves of visitors.

With enhanced parking facilities, increasing provisions for progress and better conveniences for travelers, those that have chosen this exemplary mega-spot of continuous development are truly fortunate. Here are just a few reasons to live within or in close proximity to KL Sentral.


A Prominent Central Hub

KL Sentral is a shining beacon in the nation’s push towards effective transportation. Practically every facet of commuting can be found here, with a direct link to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Putrajaya (the Federal Government Administrative Centre), Cyberjaya and key areas within the Multimedia Super Corridor.

This high-powered connectivity is fueled by the establishment of six key rail systems with direct access to a significant amount of the city’s transportation infrastructure inside and outside the city as well as numerous links to major highways. KL Sentral’s accessibility brings in droves of people and is the meeting point, the crossroads and the roadmap to a more sustainable and more connected nation.

Rail systems include the KTM Intercity which is the central channel for all rail destinations throughout Malaysia and a part of the TransAsia Railway Network to Vietnam and China, the KTM Komuter which connects the suburban towns of Rawang, Sentul, Port Klang and Seremban, the Rapid KL LRT system which connects major points within KL from Gombak to Lembah Subang, KLIA Express which acts as a direct and super-fast link to KLIA and last but not least the KLIA transit which functions as a link to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport with transits in key areas within the Multimedia Super Corridor.


A Shopping Haven

Where there are droves of people, you can count on rows of shops and retail lots. With the recent surge of enormous sections as well as separate divisions for shoppers looking for high-quality products, Nu Sentral Mall, a trendy and bustling shopping plaza in the area, is a looming eight-story structure with a multitude of entertainment outlets. Unique features and a convenient layout all make for an exciting shopping experience, with major retail outlets and brands to choose from including Parkson, Hush Puppies, Focus Point, Cotton On, Levi’s and L’occittane just to name a few.


A Food Lover’s Affair

Of course, with the enormous flow of daily traffic to the area, it’s no surprise that an assortment of food options can be found here. In Nu Sentral itself, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a shortage of eateries. You can head to Sushi Tei, Coffee Planet, Wesria Food Court, Starbucks, O’Brien, Tony Roma’s and The Loaf for a delightful gastronomic experience.

The shopping plaza’s food court in and of itself should be more than enough for foodies. Visitors can also try out the numerous local delights on offer, from claypot options to sizzling plates and Nasi Kandar styled rice meals.


A Thriving Business Location

Kuala Lumpur Sentral has gained momentum as an international business address of choice due to its accessibility, convenience and the many opportunities that the area has to offer. The blueprint of this grand development began saw the “City-within-a-City”, a concept that was designed by the renowned architect Dr. Kisho Kurokawa, with the RM1.1 billion world-class transit center at the nucleus of a premier hot spot.

Now, KL Sentral has taken on a life of its own, with businesses from far and wide taking part.

The self-contained live, work and play environment has led to large players in various industries setting up shop in the vicinity. The Avenue Business Centre @ Plaza Sentral, KL was built on the basis of having one of the most desirable MSC locations. It consists of 10,000 square feet of office space and 45 fully furnished suites as well as 3 MSC status offices.

The business aspect of KL Sentral continues to grow, offering invaluable opportunities to working men and women everywhere.


A Luxurious Pinnacle of Prestige

If fine living is what you’re after, then you really should take a look at KL Sentral. The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur, an upscale hotel complete with a spa and rooftop bar, has been strategically positioned to accommodate high rollers and VIPs.

The Luxury stay @ Sentral Residence offers facilities and services fit for a king. Visitors are able to live it up during their stay in the area, whether for work or for play. The Nu Sentral shopping mall also features a fair amount of luxury options for tired shoppers, with outlets like the Spa Ceylon Luxury Ayurveda which can be found on the lower ground level of the building.


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