The Magic of Little India

As Deepawali is closing in and KL is getting ready for this special vibe that we experience every year during this festival. We would like to bring our attention to one of the most popular locations around KL Sentral area: Little India. If you want to find more about one part of this Alice in Wonderland like area, just continue reading.As most of you may be familiar with, brickfields is most familiar by it’s Little India area which indeed looks like a compact Indian neighbourhood enriched with all the colourful decorations, flowers, food, scents and traditional or modern indian music playing in the background from one or few of the stores lined down that popular street.

Little india is definitely the biggest attraction in the Brickfields area and a perfect place for foreigners or those who have never been to experience local Hindu Indian culture. You can find many places there that will teleport you entirely to the real Indian-only kind of culture and vibe from barbershops to restaurants. People working in this area will be happy to explain what certain things that they are selling are as you can find plenty of traditional decorations, dishes and clothing.

The all famous Little India Street in Brickfields

When it comes to food, there are plenty of good Indian food places in and around Little India. If you are a vegetarian fan we need to mention Chat Masala restaurant, cheap, generous and with delicious vegetarian meals including banana leaf and we also can’t forget the Restoran Seetharam Family Curry House which is one of the most famous places to stop for food while walking down the Little India street.

Do not miss visiting this unique vibe right in front of your nose if you are staying in places such as Suasana Sentral, Suasana Loft condominium or anywhere around KL Sentral for that matter as Little India is only few minutes of walk away.