Chinatown Wonders

Today we will introduce to you to yet another cultural land of wonder like the one in Little India. We are talking about Chinatown… Welcome to the place where you can find all the traditional cultural Chinese things, from meals to souvenires.

Chinatown is pretty much a cultural heritage and an area located practically in the KL city center right next to the famous Pasar Seni mall. A great tourist attraction full of many little surprises. The moment you enter the bright red Chinatown street and walk under hundreds of lanterns you feel like you entered another reality. Different types of food and snacks along the way trigger even the toughest stomachs and open appetites with great ease.

Chinatown and it’s food places at night

You will find many tourists in this area because Chinatown has many affordable hostels for backpackers and low budget travelers. Some of them are Mingle hostel, . When it comes to places to relax and have fun we can’t forget the very popular reaggae bar and the Berlin KL, or cafes such as Cafe etc. and Aku Cafe and Gallery. We will not even start with food as there is too many places to bring up so we will leave it up to you to explore further. All we can say for sure, whichever place you go to in Chinatown it will not be a mistake.

Another interesting thing to mention and something our team is extremely proud of is the fact that Roomz is partnering with a few local investors to open up a unique hospitality service right in Chinatown. We can’t share all the technical details yet but within the upcoming year 2018 we guarantee you that locals and tourists would have even better experience of the Chinese heritage in Malaysian Chinatown, so stay tuned!

Renovation of the future Roomz heritage project.