Introducing HubSpot

Okay, we are going to get a bit more techincal here and introduce the tool that can ease the marketing life of a startup. We are all aware that real estate industry is quite an old school kind of industry so until recently there has not been much innovation or creative marketing solutions involved in order to achieve their targets. Nowadays we have companies such as Lepro, Rema,, etc. All these startups need the most help in marketing.

Well for those of you who are more familiar with the traditional offline marketing ways or for those of you who have just tapped into the online marketing field, we need to introduce you to HubSpot. Hubspot is a perfect tool for building ones marketing strategy. A platform that allows you to track and plan all your marketing activities. With over 18,000 customers world wide, HubSpot became the number 1 online tool to track and plan marketing activities.

When it comes to technical possibilities, we are talking about products for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management, data analytics. You can do automated email responses, Social analytics, content authoring, include apps, plug-ins and widgets,  automated alerts and many, many, many more!

Data on HuSpot usage and popularity in different industries. Image taken from G2 Crowd.

According to the popular G2 Crowd reviews Hubspot is a very popular tool among marketing experts and quite easy to use. One comment says:

My company had no analytics prior to starting with HubSpot. We had no landing pages, we had no calls to action. We essentially just had a bunch of pages of text that weren’t driving any business. Since starting with HubSpot we have been able to achieve more targeted marketing to the clients we want to reach. We can see who is hitting our website on a daily basis. We are growing our base of relevant customer contacts. And I have a lot of advice on how to continue improving our website to better drive business on its own.

So get ready all the future startuppers and SME fellows. There are tools out there that can ease our lives massively, especially those players motivated and eager to succed and it would be wrong not to share it with those who could use it the most.