Roomz+ Hassle-free Property Management

Let’s face it, renting and managing an invested property could be a hassle. Roomz+ instead, as a revolutionary property management service, with the unique blend of technology and human touch. It simplifies the rental management experience, like handling all the stress, and turning your property into a reliable stream of passive income.

It all starts with a face-to-face meeting with our property specialist, performs a field inspection, takes professional photos, and creates a 360 degrees virtual tour, then, we market your property on Roomz.Asia and other 15 most popular property platforms in Malaysia.

While you track on the performance of your owner dashboard, we have the 24/7 booking line, and schedule viewing on any day, any time. When the viewing is scheduled by prospective tenant, a Roomz+ property specialist is dispatched, to meet the prospect, and show them around your unit. We instantly qualify prospective tenants with their background, credit, employment and income, once we found the perfect fit, in half the time compared to traditional real estate agent, we create an electronic standardized tenancy agreement, so the tenant can sign electronically, and CC to your mailbox.

With Roomz+ qualified tenant, your rental is guaranteed each month. With our full-service management package only, owners get extra security behind their tenants. Owners receive their rental before fifth of each month, guaranteed.

We also included RM 10,000 in any legal fees associated with an eviction, just in case. Even though our eviction rate is .05% on Roomz+ qualified tenants.

Even after move-in, we will take care of the rental collection, as well as any kind of tenant’s correspondence. And if something breaks, our 24/7 maintenance team is on-call and ready to handle any situation. You don’t have to worry, and can stay up-to-date owner dashboard.

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