Street Feeders in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Homelessness in Kuala Lumpur

Have you ever walked by the Kuala Lumpur city centre and seen a lot of people just begging or sleeping in the streets? If you haven’t you definitely need to get out more and if you have I believe you already concluded that homelessness is one of the issues Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia face. reports that “the number of homeless people in Kuala Lumpur have increased by three-fold, from 600 in 2014 to at least 2,000 people last year, based on a survey conducted by the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL)“.

There are some activists and non-governmental organizations that do their best to alleviate the situation, but it is still not enough. One of those organisations is called Street Feeders of KL. On their site they say: “Our ultimate goal is to assist our homeless friends to break out of the poverty/homelessness cycle“. And they do just that. Regularly they organise street feeding activities where volunteers from all over Kuala Lumpur, locals or foreigners gather to give out free food and material stuff to the homeless people in order to make their lives slightly easier. The question is what can we do to stop the increasing numbers of homeless people in our area? Despite the growing number of ngo’s and volunteers, the negative trend of rising homeless people still continues. Every individual has their own personal reason for becoming a homeless or a beggar, so maybe it may not be so importan what brought them to this. Maybe more energy should be invested in trying to solve this growing problem. platform is an easy room rental platform focused mostly on low to middle income households, young adults, expatriates and working professionals. In order to help people living in such poor conditions, we should all gather our efforts to figure out the way to help those who are in biggest need. In order to understand the struggles the homeless people from Kuala Lumpur face, watch this video and think to yourself, how could you contribute…