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4 Tips to Deal with Annoying Housemates!

As society advances, many of us have become more and more disconnected from one another. These days we just don’t get to know our housemates that well. Consequently, we lack the ability to be mindful of the basic etiquette required in communal living conditions. In addition, with a growing lack of tolerance between people, it is easy to disregard the rights of others who we don’t know that well. This, unfortunately, often leads to the problem of having “annoying housemates”.It can be tempting to get all confrontational with the said “annoying housemate”; but that rarely achieves the results we all look for. There are, in fact, several things we can do before a dispute starts.

As a room for rent platform, Roomz hope the following tips can be handful to you:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the housemate 

If there was any occasion that you find yourself in a dispute, being familiar with your housemates can help to diffuse potential problems. People would not want to affront those who are like friends to them, especially if they’re living in the same condo/house.

  1. Timing is important when solving problems

When a problem occurs, obviously it is not a great time to engage our housemate to see your point of view. Once the situation is past, bringing up the topic in a calm, non-confrontational manner will help to frame your problem. Try to discuss solutions to the problem with your roommate if you do have one.

  1. Know the law

Be aware of the neighbourhood and local council regulations. Sometimes, some housemates are just too stubborn and cannot be dealt with. Thus, filing a complaint with the authorities is the next best step. It is advisable to keep a record of repeated offences as a solid proof for the authorities. If the offences are bad enough, like littering you room compound or stealing herbs from your fridge, installing a CCTV is a good idea.

  1. Get a mediator

In a dispute, both sides will want their part heard out and this can escalates to a point where both parties are yelling their side of their story while no one is listening. Thus, an impartial mediator can be called in order to keep things from getting out of hand, and to ensure that both parties are able to air their respective grievances and be heard out by the other party.

Inconsiderate housemate not only threaten your well-being and safety (think unkempt housing, etc.). No one likes to be confrontational. To have a good relationship with your housemate, we think the key is to have genuine mutual understanding and respect, and the ability to put ourselves in others’ shoes.