Hiring Sales Executive

August 17, 2019
Roomz Asia Recruitment

Roomz.asia is expanding…. We are looking for people to join our young family. 

We are a proptech company where we utilise data and technology to simplify tasks, speed up complicated and repetitive processes. With presence across Asia, we strive to improve the property renting space to a level no one has ever seen before. Our plans don’t just stop in Asia, we aim to have a presence in every corner of the globe.

Join Us.

At Roomz, everyone is passionate about what they do and the role they are in. We believe that everyday shouldn’t feel like a workday. It is not about the products and services; it is about relationships. We engage in relationships and together we strengthen them, creating values benefitting all parties. 

Let us hold your hands as we grow, as we overcome daily obstacles. There are endless possibilities, we would provide support as and when you need.

The Person.

We are looking for a motivated and persistent individual with endless energy and ideas to become one of us. The person should have good charisma, committed to relationship building and excellent interpersonal skills. A person who is well versed in local languages. Most of all, the person should be fun to be around with.


The role requires meeting up with people and building relationships along the way. It requires understanding and problem solving while adding value that benefits all parties. It would need frequent interaction to understand and be the go to person when a need arises. All these while maintaining the highest quality standard at all times.

We encourage ideas generation from time to time. We would take it in our stride and together, we would draft out a plan and implement it to achieve a common goal. Lastly, the role requires the person to have fun and laugh everyday.

We are very excited to meet our new members and are ready to provide support for us to grow together. No one is left behind, we would not hold back any form of support for any member who needs them, either monetarily or emotionally.


For more information, please contact Mia at [email protected]



  • Trey Chong

    Hi Roomz team, PM me for the detailed job description, I am interested to join a proptech like Roomz

  • steve goh

    Hi, I would like to know more about the job. Pls pm. Tq