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Ready to Rent Out Your Parking Space?

Big, busy cities nowadays lack parking spaces. Kuala Lumpur (KL) is no exception. If you’re at the downtown city centre, it has perhaps been a driver’s nightmare that gets them to end up circling around the streets looking for that one spot for their vehicle nowadays. This problem has pressed for the demand for many driveways in the long run. Or perhaps, if you’re a condo unit owner and you’ve got a spare parking space, why not have it up for rent? 

For Landlords

Residential Parking Near Your Office

I believe those who were born in the eighties or early nineties and used to watch Hong Kong TVB’s dramas must have dreamed of working in a central business district (CBD) like Central in Hong Kong. We do not have Central in Malaysia, but KL Sentral😁

The CBDs in Klang Valley are KLCC, KL City area, KL Sentral and the recent KL Eco City – this is also where Roomz office is located. I was so excited when our CEO announced his final decision to move our office here in 2018 – I couldn’t wait to punch card in an office at CBD like Central in Hong Kong! I already planned to add a few more suit jackets and ties to my closet for me to look more like Andy Lau.