How to increase your rental income with Low Cost

August 17, 2016

1. Clean

Making sure your property is clean will have an immediate return on the value of your property. Tenants want a unit that feels new, although they know they are not the first to rent the space, but a scrubbed to shine will give them the feeling that they are. Before showing your rental property to prospective tenants or after every moving-out, spend some little money to hire a thorough cleaning on, you can get the return right from the first month rental!

2. Paint & wallpaper

You will be amazed by the difference a fresh coat of paint can make. Paint the walls, ceiling, etc. if they are looking shabby. Put up new wallpaper if the wall is peeling or torn, wallpaper won’t cost much now but it makes your property classy for sure.

3. Install security system

Tenants want to feel safe and know their things are too. Good locks, grille, CCTV will help a lot. You may also install a “fake” security system like putting a camera or security siren outside of your property, just tell your prospective tenants, they can accept it too 🙂

4. Equipped with new electric appliances

LCD TV, fridge, washing machine and microwave etc. You will have a good point why your rent is higher than others on the same block. Doing so might be costly, go by rent then! Yes, you can rent these electrical appliances by paying only RM45/week that includes speedy replacement of any faulty appliances. Rest your mind, check

5. Change the light fittings

Shedding some light on the property can improve things. Try yellow light, it improves the ambience of your property.

6. Rent out by Rooms

Split your property unit into number of room, and rent it out by rooms to different tenants. Imagine a 3-bedroom in KL unit rent is RM 2000 for example, you can rent it out by master bedroom RM 1000, two other rooms RM 700 each, yu will get at least 20% more. And now you can post your rent on Roomz – a new marketplace helping landlord to rent their room straight to tenant, easy, fast and free!