Top 5 Warning Signs of a Potential Bad Tenant

August 24, 2016

Going through all the hassle to do a background check on your potential tenant can really pay off. We know there are always some tenants out there who are not trustworthy, and dealing with them can give you, the landlord a really hard time.

Thus good screening techniques are absolutely crucial to minimize the chances of dealing with a bad tenant later.

There are numerous surefire signs that make it easy for you to tell if the tenants have the potential of causing any major trouble. Here we list the TOP FIVE surefire signs of a problematic tenant:

  1. Your tenant is moving a lot

Try to casually ask your potential tenant his rental history. If he has been moving quite a lot, (unless he is a secret agent), then that is already a clear sign that this person should be written off your list. This can mean that the person has problem paying the rent or tend to disregard the leasing terms in his previous rental experience.

  1. He/she keeps giving excuses

Always coming up with a lot of unnecessary excuses can also be a sign of a problematic tenant. It normally starts off with not appearing during the unit viewing appointment with some ridiculous excuses.

  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover, but…

When you meet your potential tenant for the first time, can you tell if he or she has bad hygiene habits? Does the person always come across as dishevelled and unkempt? We know we really shouldn’t judge a person by his look.. We’re just saying that a person with bad hygiene habits has lower chances of treating your property with respect.

  1. Do they wave money in your face?

We all know cash is irresistible. But a tenant who always uses cash to get what he/she wants, for example, to bypass certain rental procedures can raise a red flag. Remember to never allow your tenant to use cash as a diversion.

  1. Over protesting

Although a tenant has every right to question anything about leasing arrangements and terms, protesting too much on the necessary procedures (for example, stating that the procedures are meaningless) can be a sign that you have a problematic tenant in the house.

So here you go – the top 5 surefire signs of a problematic tenant. Although there are some untrustworthy tenants out there, remember, it’s always the job of the landlord to do a proper screening before getting committed to a lease agreement.

Until then, good luck!