Homes + Gardens = Awesomeness!

November 26, 2017

As you walk into different homes throughout your life you realize how different people have different preferences and sense for aesthetics. Some decorate their home using traditional or cultural elements, some keep it futuristic, some minimalistic and some classy. We have already witnessed different room decoration styles in one of our previous blogs but let us introduce you to another modern concept that has been quite popular in the past decade.

Have you ever thought of having a mini garden area inside your house or apartment? In case you need clarification we are talking about an actual ‘green corner’ inside your home that would bring a whole new kind of relaxing vibe to your place. Yes, people do that and it is becoming more and more popular by each year. It is possible to implement a garden just for visual purposes using artificial grass and maybe even plants, but it is also possible to use the real natural ones.

Gardens can be made according to your preferences and it is recommended for plenty of reasons. First one is because it simply looks visually very appealing and it is something different that would for sure impress every guest you invite. Second reason is the psychological benefit that you get by having your own mini garden at home, it makes your place feel more peaceful and relaxing which many of us need after a long day at work. Some of the other benefits would be a good feng shui if done properly and a natural air cleansening solution.

If you are curous how to make your own garden in a creative way, check out this article for help. Design-wise it is a breath of fresh air – Literally. And in case you could use some help in making your home garden, check out the Terra Garden Company which focuses on  landscape architecture, with supporting roles in horticulture and biotechnology to design and build Malaysian-themed landscapes targeted at residential and public premises.

To give you some ideas of the whole concept we will show you some photos from the Terra Garden official website.

Photo taken from the official Terra Garden website.

Photo taken from the official Terra Garden website.

Photo taken from the official Terra Garden website.

Quite cool, right?