Why Isn’t Your AC As Cool As It Used To Be?

November 13, 2017

As they say in real estate “location, location, location’’ it’s almost the same except in our situation it’s “airflow, airflow, airflow”.

AC is very similar to another common appliance that every household has, yes you guessed it, the refrigerator. Our tenants sometime have issues with AC so we decited to dumb the whole system down for those of our readers who face problems with it and want a quick fix.

As most of us know, our AC is made out of two important components which are the indoor unit that you see in your room and the outdoor condenser that are usually placed just outside of your house. The indoor units converts warm indoor air to cold indoor air and conditioning the room while the outdoor condenser transfers heat to the outdoors. Just like rotating the tyre and changing the oil of your car, air conditioner maintenance will help prolong the life of AC, help it run more efficiently and cool your room better.

Prolonging the AC maintenance will not only reduce the components lifespan but can also be a health hazard! AC units are great at circulating the air in a room at the same time efficiently circulating the contaminants and pollutants that are developed from the bacteria, viruses or fungi that gets into an AC system.

What do you do when you are not sure your AC needs to be maintained? Fret not, we’ve got your back. One of the biggest giveaway for a faulty AC is when you start hearing rattling sounds from your indoor unit when it’s switched on. You would also notice that your temperature is not as cold as it used to be.

If you still need a better proof to find out if your AC needs maintenance would be to pop the hood open for the indoor unit and check if the filter is clogged up with dust or mold. This would be a dead giveaway where you would know for sure if it requires maintenance.  

Now if you are using roomz + services you would not have such issues as our team takes care of all the repairs so in that case you can get that room cooler by simply calling our friendly maintenance guy without any charges.