& TheKatil Improving The Room Rental Service

January 2, 2017 Blog Post

So we had our partners from TheKatil say a few words about their experience with and how we can benefit each other to reach the same goal: Provide affordable rooms for rent and make the whole room rental service fast and efficient.

For those of you who don’t know, TheKatil provides simple and affordable rooms for expatriates, working professionals and interstate workers who are looking for comfortable and friendly environment. Great thing about TheKatil and the accomodation they provide is that they insist on being located near the LRT train stations in key areas around Kuala Lumpur such as Petaling Jaya, Cheras and such. This makes it very convinient transportation-wise for all of their tenants because being that close to LRT stations means that all the biggest hotspots of the the city can be reached easily and fast.

When it comes to the conditions of TheKatil rooms, they come fully furnished with free WiFi and utilities. Cleaning services are also provided, and rooms come at the price of RM800 per month. Tenants can also share the rooms which would come down to RM400 monthly per person.

There are three main points TheKatil highlights when it comes to the approach toward their tenants. They want to keep the maintenance hassle free, meaning they would spend less time on household chores. TheKatil also makes sure their tenants feel comfortable and their experiences are as memorable as possible which portrays the dedication of their customer care service. It is real guys, we have been there and we can say with confidence that TheKatil is one hell of a room rental service. Simple, clean and super comfortable.

Let’s hear what mr. Alwin Aw, the Executive director of TheKatil had to say about and our contribution to their room rental services.