[Video] Find Rooms for Rent with Live Videos

We just created a video explaining why creating a simple video can help you rent out your unit more quickly on Roomz – the only room and apartment rental website featuring live video tours in Malaysia. You can watch the video on YouTube. We also have it embedded below. Enjoy!

Hi guys,

Here at Roomz, we think finding a new room or apartment in KL should be easy and fun and that’s why we created the only room rental website featuring live video tours. So you may ask – why video tour? Well…

Reason #1: What you see is what you get
Have you ever made an appointment to check out a room or apartment and found out it’s nothing like described online. What a waste of time and really frustrating. But with our live video tour, you can see everything, and know exactly what you are getting.

Reason#2: It’s like you’ve visited the room yourself
Our video tour not only shows you the actually property, but also tell you all the details. How close to metro or public transit, how many bedrooms or bath and even the kind roommate who’s already living there. So without spending hours on the road visiting the place, you have all the information you need to make a decision. And that can save you lots of time and troubles.

So what if you are landlord and don’t know how to create a video tour of your place? No problem, just contact us and a friendly Roomz staff will come and create the video for you absolutely FREE. So hurry up before our free offer ends. And happy hunting for your new home.