Video Tour to BOOST Your Chances of Finding the Right Tenant

November 5, 2016

Great News!

Roomz is offering a free video tour service that can effectively increase your chances (as a landlord) of finding the right tenant. Before we reveal how a video tour can help tremendously in this regard, let us tell you the stages a potential tenant goes through before deciding on renting a room.

An average person looking to rent a room will normally go through the stages as follows:

  1. Browsing the Internet/Classified Ads for the room he/she wishes to rent (the majority of online & offline listings only provide photos of the property/rooms)
  2. Shortlist a few rooms he/she finds suitable
  3. Call the landlord and ask some basic questions, and schedule a face-to-face appointment with landlord to view the room 
  4. After viewing all the shortlisted rooms, the potential tenant goes back, and spends a few days to consider before making a decision
  5. More often than not, the potential tenant will miss out on something he/she wants to see in the property, and demand to have a second viewing before making a confirmation. This requires the landlord to meet the tenant at the premises AGAIN – not very time efficient! 
  6. At this stage, the potential tenant may also want to show the place to their friends and family to seek a second opinion
  7. But when their friends and family ask to see the room, the potential tenant can only show them some photos he/she took when viewing the room. 

Pretty time consuming and troublesome, from a landlord’s point of view, right? In fact, these 7 steps can be simplified with a video tour uploaded to Roomz!

FREE Video Tour Making Service for the First 100 on a First-Come, First Served Basis

At Roomz, it’s our commitment to assist our users to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to getting a tenant. With our deep understanding of the property market and customer needs, we are pleased to offer the first 100 customers who have a property based in Klang Valley a free video tour making service!

How a Video Tour Increases Your Chances of Finding a Tenant? 

Take a look at an example of video tour below. As the video plays, you will notice it has captured every corner of the property as detailed as possible, coupled with a verbal introduction that allows the landlord to highlight the good of the property/room. 

For the Tenant 

From the perspective of a potential tenant, the video tour not only gives him the opportunity to view it as many times as possible (so that he is confident in making a decision), it also allows him to SHARE with their friends and family Online, and ask for opinions. Even if he later finds out that the property/room does not match his requirements, he can also SHARE it Online, spreading the word for you.

For the Landlord

At the same time, from the perspective of a landlord, he gets to save the time and hassle in meeting his potential tenants at the premises for room viewing. With time and energy saved, many property owners can now invest on more rental properties and earn more passive income, as self-management of properties has become completely easy and hassle-free!

Roomz is now offering this service completely FOC to folks in Klang Valley for them to find the right tenant! Grab the opportunity now to be the FIRST 100 lucky customers!

The service is completely free. So act now! Get in touch with us now at [email protected]