Tips to Prevent Getting Scam

July 22, 2019

Recently, Roomz has received numerous reports from tenants becoming victim of rental scammer. Scammers has become more and more daring, pretending to be agent, owner or related individual and they work in groups. Roomz has round up some tips and things to look out for when searching and negotiating for a room.

1. Be suspicious and do more verification when a deal is too good to be true.

2. Verify your agent by giving the agency a call. Get their license number and do a search from > search for negotiator. Ask for a name card.

3. Never transfer money to an agent, all funds should be directed to the agency. Do not hesitate to make a call to the agency to verify. You may verify the agency existence at > log in > search company and business information.

4. When dealing with landlord, do not hand out cash. Verify the person ID number and make a bank transfer, make sure the beneficiary account holder belongs to the individual. Keep the receipt.

5. Ask to verify the property ownership, property title or Sales and purchase agreement. Make sure the name and ID tallies with ID card.

6. Watch out – be suspicious when advertiser not picking up call/ number not contactable, not responsive and only communicate via whatsapp randomly


“Searching for room seems like a painful journey,

Relentless effort, time plus energy,

Pesky scammer trying to take your money,

Better be safe rather than sorry.”