The Ugly Sight Of Banners

September 22, 2019
Ugly sight of banners

Recently, The Star reported that Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has acted by taken down 450 illegal banners hung all over the island. These banners are promoting property rental, property sales and even money lending. It is a madness and doesn’t happen in Penang only, it happens in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and everywhere, you name it, it is all over Malaysia. We are in the 21st century and we think that these traditional method of attracting people’s attention is outdated and not effective.

Banners along a road

5 Reason why to stop putting up illegal banners.

1. A distraction to traffic
Many of the banners are hung at traffic lights, along roads and places that might block drivers’ line of sight. Some are too close to traffic and walkway, while the colours and wordings are a distraction. We understand if you’re renting a room near Bangsar South, having a banner somewhere in Bangsar South may help to get a potential tenant walking by, but t is a hazard to motorist and may cause accidents.

2. Non environmental friendly
The materials of these banners can withstand heat and rain. Some are even made of plastic and are not biodegradable. Most banners are outdated and left there hanging or fallen to the ground. It caused unwanted rubbish and a problem to dispose of.

3. It is against the law
Action can be taken as it is an illegal practice. You may be fine. This is not advertising. There are plenty of ways to advertise these days, such as, social media, property platform and apps. Let’s put a stop to this and refrain from using illegal methods.

4. Bad image to Malaysia
We are promoting Visit Malaysia 2020. What would people around the world think when they see this madness going on. This is not us, Malaysia is a beautiful country with plenty of greenery and natural wonders. We are a multi-cultural nation with rich traditions with colourful… Banners??? This must stop.

Beautiful greenery, banners hung all over.

5. Free listing with
There are plenty of property platform out there that does the job. Iproperty,  propertyguru, land plus and homes.trovit just to name a few.

Wait! Don’t forget about the room for rent free listing website in Malaysia – is a free property rental platform, simple and quick listing all in one page. Moreover, using a rental platform comes with better features for advertisers to post. Pictures are worth a thousand words or banners in this case. Upload it with a click of a button, instead of hanging banners all over town. Those who are looking for room or property for rent can simply do a search, thousand of listing would appear.

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