Is Sharing an Apartment Right For You?

August 15, 2018
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Maybe you’re looking for an apartment for rent to better suit the location of your new job or maybe you’re just looking for a change of environment. Whatever the case may be, renting a space of your own can be a bit of a pricey endeavor. The next best thing would probably be to find a housemate that can help bear the costs that come with renting a good apartment unit in a prime spot.

However, you may have doubts about living in a home with another person. How can you tell if sharing an apartment is right for you? Here are a couple of simple questions to ask yourself before honing in on a decision.

Do you enjoy a sense of community?

Are you a social person that appreciates being surrounded by an active circle of friends and peers? If you’re the kind of tenant that can get bored very easily without any company in the house or if your mood is easily affected by those moments of isolation then apartment sharing may very well be something you might not be able to live without. Sharing a space with someone you can get along with can be a wonderful thing, especially if what you look forward to is moving to a new city or area and making new friends in or around your home. Room sharing solutions like Roomz go a step further by providing you with the possibility of getting connected to a community of welcoming tenants just like yourself.

Are you looking to cut down on costs?

If your budget is a little tight or if you’re in between jobs, apartment sharing may very well be a simple solution to an all too common problem. By participating in co-living, you won’t have to bear the rent in its entirety, instead, you’ll be able to split the bills and expenses with everyone you share your space with.

You can even split the cost of utilities or food if you’re willing to make proper arrangements. Depending on how you play your cards, living expenses can be cut right down the middle and due to this, you may even be able to afford a larger apartment with a reliable housemate that’s willing to work with you towards achieving financial stability.

Would you like some help?

Managing a household is no small feat. Things can get pretty rough sometimes and aside from having to pay bills, having your own apartment probably also means a bit of heavy-duty maintenance like cleaning, moving furniture or simply making sure daily routines are done. With a housemate around to help you with all these from time to time, life can be made much easier for everyone involved in co-living.

As long as there is a schedule in place and everyone understands that they are responsible for the home they are staying in, you’ll be able to trade off on some of the not-so-fun duties of apartment maintenance. You won’t have to deal with the dishes every single night after dinner since you’ll have a buddy to help out or your trusted partner may be able to help watch over your goldfish when you’re away for the weekend.

Can you resolve conflicts easily?

As much as you try to avoid them, conflicts are very much an integral part of life. Whether you’re living with a spouse, a family member or a best friend, conflicts can (and most likely will) arise. Maybe your housemate is late on his/her share of the rent or likes to play the kazoo for hours while you’re trying to sleep. No matter what the situation, you’re almost bound to have disagreements with people occasionally. If you’re someone who is good at diffusing volatile situations and can resolve conflicts easily, this can be good not just for yourself but for your housemates as well. If you have more than one housemate, the ability to resolve conflicts can come in handy if they start arguing with each other for some reason.

Are you organized?

If being well-organized is another ability that you possess then apartment sharing is very likely an achievable way of life for you. Making solid arrangements, managing your time and setting up schedules to help make everyone’s lives a little simpler are areas of expertise that can come in very handy when it comes to sharing an apartment.

Do you like to share?

Are you the type of person that just can’t help but share parts of your life? Are you an active social media user? Do you get easily excited whenever something good happens and can’t wait to phone up your bestie to let him or her know about your day the moment you get home? Apartment sharing can help keep your positivity soaring. You’ll have someone waiting for you at home to hear about the problems you’ve had after a long, bad day at work. You can also share the happy moments in your life with someone who happens to live with you. Apartment sharing can be great for people who love sharing and want to make that a lifestyle choice.

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