Home Interior Hacks for a Tight Budget

April 2, 2018
room decoration simplicity

You’ve settled into your new place and it’s looking like a delicious canvas just waiting to be personalized.

A brand new start…

It’s an exciting endeavor but wait, you’ve already dug deep into your purse/wallet to cover your basic obligations and expenses.

Your budget has just gotten a whole lot slimmer and you don’t have too much left over for decorations, accessories and all the bells and whistles associated with interior design.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, fret not, here are some handy tips and hacks for spicing up your home interior on a tight budget.


Crown Molding – Details Matter

If you’re looking for a more prestigious, authentic and complete vibe for your home without having to spend a fortune, crown molding should do the trick.

It can help you create a high-end, custom vibe with intricate details and delightful effects.

Crown molding can make a room look less cheap, empty or unfinished by bringing the ceiling walls together, making them look more elegant and adding some finishing touches.

What’s more, crown molding (especially the plastic, paintable sort) is generally inexpensive and there are loads of molding styles to choose from.

A wide trim can give a greater impact. Mold styles like crown, high baseboard or ceiling beams can all add a little character to your home.

A little pillow can go a long way  

It’s a perception trick that is often overlooked. Pillows and coziness are often great bedfellows (pun intended) and incorporating that soft, layered feeling to your home environment through effectively utilizing pillows can in many cases be a great way to do up your home interior on the cheap.

Cleverly and strategically laying pillows throughout the house can serve several functions.

If proper selection is employed, pillows can turn up the elegance knob. Coincidentally, your guests will also be able to benefit from the heightened comfort levels that pillows seem to naturally bring to couches, sofas, rugs and chill out spots.

Large pillows (especially the bigger, plush sized ones) and the 22-inch stuffed with 24-inch inserts can bring an amazing sense of class and relaxation to any space.

Note: If you require something that can remain prominent and snug at the same time, it’s best to avoid overly small pillows like the standard 12 to 18-inch variety.

Paint over wallpaper 

Although it may seem at first glance that wallpaper is the wiser choice, you might want to think again. Wallpaper material can be costly (and that’s not even taking into consideration long-term maintenance or installation costs).

A good quality paint job can blow wallpaper way out of the water in terms of appearance and style for just a fraction of the cost! This is also the strategy we’ve been using at Roomz units, by painting one of the walls in a room (usually the short wall) to create some “designer” feel and also also a visual identity with a similarity on all units we have as shown https://my.roomz.asia/properties.

We suggest washable or low-to-medium gloss paint options that may be slightly pricier on the shelf but offer longer maintenance and cleaning qualities which can save you a good amount of money and time in the long run (it’s sometimes best not to be too cheap about everything all the time).

Keep it minimal  

A great trend to follow and an effective way of saving on costs while remaining chic and in vogue, minimalism plays an important part in much of today’s interior design.

It should come as no surprise then that less is indeed more (especially when it comes to saving money).

Japanese minimalism, Scandinavian chic or industrial functionality are all great styles that prioritize simplicity and organization while helping you spend smart.

Less intricate designs tend to not cost as much and a décor that makes proper use of understated minimalism can save you time, money and a whole lot of frustration.

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