Share An Apartment or Rent a Studio?

November 30, 2017

One of the biggest dilemma one can have when choosing a place to rent is the question of renting a room of an apartment or renting a studio. If we go under the assumption that finances are not an issue which one would be a better option? As with most dilemmas, the concludion would be that it’s all quite relative. Here we are going to compare renting a studio as opposed to renting a room of an apartment.

In case you can afford it, studio apartments are definitely a great choice for you, especially if you are a young working adult starting your professional life and love your own privacy. Studio apartment. Since it is simple as that, there is not much need to talk about the benefits of having a studio apartment. It is the same thing like having your own apartment but a little less spacious.

An example of a random studio apartment

On the other hand renting a room within an apartment gives you a few expected restricions. First, it depends if the room has its own attached toilet. In case it does, you have more privacy. However, there are plenty of rooms that do not have an attached toilet which forces tenants to leave the room in order to go to the toilet and that ruins the privacy big time. Other than that all the other appliances and places such as kitchen, pantry and balcony (In case the room doesn’t have the balcony attached to it) have to be shared with the other tenants and when things are shared there is never a guarantee that the cleanliness will be maintained. For those who have such issues, please refer to this article.

Bottom line is, studio apartment gives you much more of your personal space and privacy if you are able to afford it, but in case you are not able to afford the whole apartment for yourself, finding a big room, preferably with an attached toilet, is more than enough for you as it still gives you a relative privacy plus the rental rates are two to four times lower compared to the rates for the whole apartments.

So which one do you choose?