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May 24, 2017 Platform on Tablet

Roomz is pivoting to become a C2C marketplace for property rental and sales by direct owners. Lord knows, it can be such an exhausting task, we still feel a big pleasure and satisfaction once it is complete and when we witness our users being extremely happy with it. It means that all the sweat and effort was worth it. We have some new awesome updates that we have to share with you so please landlords brace yourselves, the update is coming….

So what you can see from now on, as soon as you enter The home page, is the clear distinction between looking for Properties/rooms to rent and properties to purchase, depending on their wishes. Yess, we finally did it! We separated the sale and rental option and made life much easier for you. Example of how it looks like on the landing page you can see below. Options to Rent or Sell has a new feature where you can decide if you want to look through the properties for sale or rooms for rent.

From now on landlords can choose to post their property for selling and/or rental separately. Initially we started with an intention to focus only on room renting, but as we had the chance to learn from our experiences as we did before with the live video tour, we listened to the needs of our users and noticed that there is a big amout of people willing to post properties for sale as well. Worry no more our dear Roomz users, because we heard your cries and decided to ease your life by giving you a separate option to post your property for sale with different branding so it can be easily recognizable. Not just that! We also clarified the rental of whole apartments versus the rentals of individual rooms within the apartments. Below you can see how it looks like on our website.

Option to Choose what you want to post

3 new options: For Sale; For Rent and Shared Apartment (rent by room)

Here are each of the main categories accompanied with a link to serve as an example for easier understanding:

  1. Properties for Sale Malaysia (Blue Color):
  2. Properties for Rent Malaysia (Red Color):
  3. Individual Rooms to Rent Malaysia (Red Color):

The different pricing colour examples you can see clearly in the two pictures below: Property for Sale listing

Blue colored pricing. Property for Rent Listing

Red colored pricing.

There are a lot more new exciting cool features and improvements we are developing and will update you accordingly as we implement them, until then, rent and sell away our dear roomies!

  • Trey Chong

    Good job, Roomz team. This website helped a lot on getting potential property buyers to me.

    • Liau Kok Hour

      Come on, Roomz Team, it’s Time for Our Roomz , let’s Roll.