What You Need To Know About The Malaysian $100 Billion Project

January 24, 2017

You wanted to know more about Forest City project in Johor? Say no more. Just the other day a new video was published compiling all the main audio-visual material about this particular project. If you are not so familiar with the details about this whole hype regarding this great Malaysian investment project and you want to know more, we got you! In the video below you can find all the main highlights of this project in this video. Here on our Rooomz.asia blog you can find everything that a layman needs to know about this city of the future.

For those of you who don’t know anything about this project, we will share just a few introductory facts about it. According to Forest City Johor Official Website, “Forest City is an iconic and extensively scaled project, a smart and intelligent city located near second link bridge of Iskandar Malaysia and adjacent to Singapore, making it a global destination. Spanning an area of 13.86 square kilometers stands 4 man-made island. Where urbanism and sustainability form an equilibrium, creating a dynamic, highly efficient and fulfilling international community.”

If you want to find out more specific details and visuals about the Forest City project, take a look at this interesting video below.