What’s So Good About Sharing a House or Apartment?

Finding good housemates that you can live with harmoniously is never easy, but if you can ever find some, it would certainly be advantageous, convenient, and even fun to live together under the same roof.

While some may have their own preferences, such as the need for extra privacy or personal space, there are many benefits that come with sharing a house or apartment with other tenants that you should not overlook.

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#1 Everyone gets to pay less for more

By coming and living together, everyone gets to pool their monthly rental together to afford a bigger and better home or unit for everyone to comfortably live in, often at just a fraction of the amount that each individual would otherwise has to fork out in securing their own houses or apartments. All the more if you are still single; you definitely would not want to rent a whole apartment when all you want is just a single room for yourself and your belongings!

Not only that, a bigger house or apartment unit also often means a bigger kitchen, bathrooms, living room and other facilities for everyone to enjoy – which again, comes at a much lower price when you are trying to get one just for yourself!

#2 Sticking together keeps everyone safe

There is always safety in numbers. Compared to when you are living on your own, having others living with you under the same roof ensures that there will be people watching over your back and the overall safety of the home.

Having more people living together means that it is less likely for the house or apartment to be left vacant or unsupervised at any time. With more eyes watching over the place, there are lesser chances for break-ins, thefts and even fires.

#3 The power of sharing

Why pay more and do everything on your own when you can share, right? For example, with more people living together, the household can go for more expensive but faster wireless packages while everyone still pays lesser than when they each would subscribe to their own individual packages.

However, it is also more than just getting to save on utility bills – routine house chores are also less tiring and more fun to do if everyone is taking turns to do them.

#4 More friends!

This last point is an obvious no-brainer – there is never anything to lose when it comes to making a new friend or two.

Considering the time spent within each other’s proximity, living together with others gets everyone to interact with one another, which would eventually open up possibilities for new friendships and other potential developments. It isn’t rare to hear stories of housemates or roommates starting off a business venture before becoming successful together. Who knows, you might even end up discovering your soul mate among one of your future housemates – as long as you are willing to venture out of your comfort zone, anything is really possible out there!

Bottom line is, there many advantages to sharing your house or apartment units with other tenants – while there will always be the possibility of encountering troublesome housemates that brings more problems than good, most people are usually cooperative and sensible enough to look after one another as housemates, knowing that they have more to gain than to lose by caring after everyone and the home as a whole.

So, where letting others share your home with you is concerned, there’s actually very little to be worried about.

Anyway, above are the four benefits of sharing your home with others – and we hope that you have found this article as useful as the others in Roomz Asia!