KL Public Transport Explained

One thing many people may be confused with when they come to KL is the KL public transport, especially the train lines. For the sake of easing your life we decided to quickly simplify the Kuala Lumpur transit system… Continue reading KL Public Transport Explained

Living in Kota Damansara

Next stop on the review of the most popular KL areas to live in would be Kota Damansara. A great place to stay as it is very peaceful because it is far enough from the rush hours within the city centre, yet it’s close enough to main service and leasure places you might need in your daily life. Continue reading Living in Kota Damansara

What You Need To Know About KLCC

When we mention KLCC, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is the Petronas towers, but what we will share with you in this mini blog post are the things you can do around that popular attraction. Some places around KLCC you might’ve not known about and if that is the case, today is your lucky day! So let’s begin… Continue reading What You Need To Know About KLCC

The Nobel Prize You Should Remember

Here at Roomz.asia our team works very hard to achieve our targets from online tasks like software development and maintenance to offline tasks like room management solutions that ease the life of the landlords massively… Continue reading The Nobel Prize You Should Remember

The Magic of Little India

As Deepawali is closing in and KL is getting ready for this special vibe that we experience every year during this festival. We would like to bring our attention to one of the most popular locations around KL Sentral area: Little India. If you want to find more about one part of this Alice in Wonderland like area, just continue reading. Continue reading The Magic of Little India